A How-To Guide On De-Icing Your Roof

A how-to guide on de-icing your roof

Winter sees the onset of cold weather, and possibly ice forming on your roof. To be proactive about roof maintenance and avoid problems from ice building up in gutters, for example, be sure to use only the most reliable and reputable roofing companies to inspect your roof and see if it needs to be de-iced.

Another sure sign of a major problem is if you have icicles on your roof. Ice usually forms at the roof edges or in gutters and downspouts in what are known as ice dams. These are ridges of ice that prevent melting snow from draining off the roof. Water backs up behind these ice dams and can eventually leak into your house.

Ice dams are commonly caused by:

  • Inadequate ventilation in the attic: A poorly ventilated attic allows the heat to escape. This heat melts any snow on your roof so it can dissipate normally through the drainage system. Without sufficient heat, any water refreezes into hardened layers.
  • Poor roof ventilation: It’s essential to release heat where it’s required on your roof to prevent ice formation. Inadequate ventilation allows heat to build up in all the wrong places, melting snow, which then often refreezes as soon as it enters the drainage system.

Before we present an easy how-to guide for de-icing your roof, remember that any roof maintenance is not to be undertaken lightly. Roofing companies generally advise getting an experienced team to determine the extent of the issue and choose a safe and practical solution.

It is important to understand the impact of melted snow on your house. It gets inside and outside and causes leakage and stains, damages roof shingles, contributes to mold growth, and could even result in long-term structural damage.

Use a Snow Rake

The first step is to check where the most snow has built up on your roof and then use a snow rake to remove these accumulations. Avoid standing on a ladder on the roof itself, as the surface is likely to be very slippery, and you could fall and injure yourself.

Use an Ice Pick

Here it’s best to use a ladder to get to those hard-to-reach places where icicles or ice dams are present. However, make sure the ladder is positioned securely for maximum balance and support when chipping away with an ice pick.

Ice-Melting Products

These products usually contain common chemicals such as ammonium sulphate and calcium magnesium acetate in tablet or crystal form. They can be obtained from your local hardware or home improvement store. Sprinkle or place it onto the areas where the ice has built up to melt it.

Remember that these tips are only short-term answers and are unlikely to be effective in a significant winter storm. When it comes to roofing companies to tackle your de-icing needs, be sure to contact a professional first.

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