Roof Maintenance Tips: Maintaining your roof is an essential part of any home’s upkeep

Keep Your Roof Healthy With Our Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

While it’s easy to forget about the necessity of roof maintenance, it is crucial to make sure your house doesn’t end up with costly, avoidable damages. You might think that you can only expect roof maintenance tips from professionals, but did you know there are many things you can do on your own that don’t require industry veterans?

We want to help you keep a close eye on the state of your roof and maintain it as best you can instead of having to turn to others every time. So, let’s discuss some top roof maintenance tips for your own roof before you start asking, ‘where can I find roofers near me’.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Trees

Trees reaching over your roof can lead to extensive – and expensive – damage. It’s easy to leave your trees to grow as much as they want to, but if you stop paying attention to your trees, you leave your home open to damage from falling branches, or worse, collapsing trees. Here are a few ways in which you can identify a problematic tree:

  • The tree’s branches extend over your roof. As mentioned, these branches should be cut down to avoid them snapping and falling onto the roof, which will cause damage.
  • Your tree shows signs of illness. Sickly trees are more prone to branches snapping or the entire tree toppling over. Make sure you keep an eye not only on your trees, but on the health of those trees so you can remove – or treat – any that have diseases.

Keep Your Gutters Clear of Obstructions

Keeping your gutters clear of obstructions is necessary if you want your gutters to work as intended. The primary purpose of your gutters is to direct water away from your home. If the gutters fail to redirect water from your home, this water can cause various problems, from staining your walls to breaking your gutters and even entering your home through cavities between gutters and roof tiles.

Keeping your gutters clean is a simple process, luckily. You must keep an eye on your gutters, especially during the Autumn and Winter seasons. You want to clear out anything that seems as if it can obstruct the gutter. Excessive leaves from nearby trees are a common culprit here. You can also consider adding mesh to your gutters to allow water through while keeping anything else out.

Make Sure You Get Roofing Companies to Fix Faulty Flashing

Your flashing acts as a barrier between your home and the elements trying to come in through the gaps and curves in your roof’s tiling. When your flashing becomes damaged, it can open your roof and home up to anything from rain to insects and birds.

Signs that your flashing requires some attention would be:

  • Cracks forming on the flashing.
  • Previously fixed cracks re-emerging.
  • Excessive rust on any of your metal sheets.
  • Sealant showing signs of decay or falling off.

Any of the problems mentioned above warrant getting roofing companies to assist with quick repairs. Keep in mind that these damages will worsen the longer you leave it unattended, which will only make the repairs costlier.

Clean Your Roof When You Have the Chance

Cleaning your roof is certainly not something you need to do every day, or even every month, but you should consider doing it when you notice signs of algae growth. You can identify algae growth by the somewhat black lines that start to form on your roof tiles. If you see this, either clean your roof yourself or get roofing companies to do it for you.

Maintaining your roof is an essential part of any home’s upkeep, and with the assistance of our team, you will always have reliable professionals within reach. If your question is ‘where are roofers near me’, your answer is DB3 Roofing.

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