Place Roof Repairs in the Annual Budget Forecast

Repairing or replacing the roof of your commercial building can be a debilitating capital outlay for your company, often necessitating a loan when the business has other priorities. For this reason, we recommend that you make provision in the yearly budget for allocation to a roofing fund. So let’s quickly look at how your local commercial roofing company can help your business and its accountant with this provident task.

The Reality of Even a Quality Roof

It does not matter which type of roof covers your commercial premises, be it asphalt shingles, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), spray polyurethane foam (SPF), ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) or metal, it has a finite lifespan. Even if the roof is carefully maintained and regularly inspected, cleaned and minor repairs effected, the roofing material will only last so long before it needs replacing.

The projected lifespan of commercial roofing systems depends on the material used and can vary between 25 years for TPO to nearly 50 years for SPF. However, the actual lifespan also comes at a cost, meaning that you pay more for the longer-lasting materials and the labor and skills involved in its proper installation. Besides, maintenance is also a major contributing factor. These aspects must be considered when formulating a budget and calculating return on investment.

It makes sense to include the roof in the yearly budget–just as you integrate the depreciation of office furniture and make provision for the timeous replacement of carpets, lights and even the advertising signage simultaneously. So let’s discuss how your local roofing contractor can help your business and accountant with this provident task.

Trust Your Roofing Specialist for an Accurate Projection

It may be very tempting to simply use the cost of the last roof replacement, look up the expected lifespan of that roofing type, add inflation and divide by the years… but that, unfortunately, is not very accurate. It could either leave you with a serious deficit at crisis time or cause a locked surplus that could have been used elsewhere in the interim.

The advantage you gain by contacting a commercial roofing company like DB3 Roofing to assess the state of your roof is simply that we provide you with a realistic financial picture at that time. To elaborate:

  • By considering the age and condition of the roof, we can estimate the remaining expected lifespan of the roof. This determines how many years you have left to budget for a new roof.
  • We will recommend the best course of action for the future replacement of the roof. For example, whether the new roof should be of the same materials as the existing roof or whether it will be more prudent to consider other commercial roofing systems based on cost and effectiveness.

The roofing contractor should also be consulted during the budget period to make realistic adjustments to the projected replacement cost. This strategy will have the most negligible impact on cash flow and profits

About DB3 Roofing in Texas

We are the trusted residential and commercial roofing company in Texas and the surrounding states. Our sound reputation results from over 20 years of excellence in the business and being fully certified. We also assist clients with insurance claims from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you budget for that significant roof replacement.

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