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We Are Here for You When Storms Happen

When you have roofing problems, you need a contractor who knows what they are doing and solves problems quickly. DB3 Roofing has decades of experience in residential new roof installations in North Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast. Our team’s expertise makes us an invaluable residential roofing resource.

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Signs You Need a New Roof

A quality, functioning roof not only protects your home from the elements, but it also positively impacts your property value. How can you tell when it’s time for roofing repairs or replacement? Look for the signs.

Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles

Unfortunately, asphalt shingles do not last forever, so these are indications that either some shingles or the whole roof needs replacing.

Dark, Dirty, or Wet Shingles

These are signals that the shingles are no longer preventing moisture from getting beneath them.

Shingle Granules in the Gutters

Composite shingles tend to shed granules when they wear out, which is why you may see them while cleaning out your home’s gutters.

Wear and Tear

Your home’s roof is the most vulnerable where chimneys, vents, pipes, or other objects penetrate it. Wear and tear often occur in these places.

Interior Wall or Ceiling Stains

If you have stains on your walls or ceilings, it could be that the roof is no longer preventing moisture from entering your home.

Higher Energy Bills

It could be your heater or air conditioner, but your roof could be to blame too, if it’s not protecting your home from outside air.

We Get the Job Done Right

We believe in quality workmanship and outstanding customer service for every residential roofing job. To ensure quality control, we keep a supervisor on-site at all times. Whether due to a punishing storm or age, roof wear and tear is a problem. Allow us to solve it.

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