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Hail Damage

When Roof Inspection Reveals Damage

Our team came out to inspect this customers roof. Upon inspection, we determined there was significant hail damage that compromised the longevity of his roof, and that we could get insurance to cover the costs of an entire new roof.

We met with the insurance inspector on-site and were able to get insurance to cover all costs.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Insurance Troubles After Hail Damage

Insurance can be a hassle. In this scenario, they denied to pay for our customers roof that was damaged from hail. DB3 Roofing worked with her to replace her roof within a budget that she could afford.

Many commercial and residential owners dread working with an insurance company to pay for a new roof or repair damage. We understand. That’s why we are willing and able to work directly with your insurance company to help things along. For difficult insurance claims, we have public adjustors and attorneys on our team.

When a Roof Leak Leads to Insurance Paying for Brand New Roof

Our customers roof was leaking and she contacted us to repair it. While there to repair, we inspected the roof and felt there was enough hail damage to get insurance involved.

We met with the insurance inspector on-site, and the inspector determined that insurance would pay for the installment of a new roof.

YouTube video
YouTube video

House Instability

No Roofing Job is Too Small

Our customer had a stone chimney that was leaning and about to fall due to house shifting. The chimney was approximately 80 feet high and was removed safely.

We installed a ventless outdoor fireplace as a replacement.

Tornado Damage

When Tornado Damage Isn’t Totally Covered by Insurance

This couples home was hit by a tornado in October 2019 and insurance refused to cover the entire costs.

DB3 Roofing worked with the insurance to increase the scope of work and payment amount by an additional $20k so they didn’t have to cover anything out-of-pocket.

YouTube video
YouTube video

When Insurance Didn’t Cover Enough After a Tornado

This couples home was hit by a tornado in October of 2019.
The damage required us to do a few things:

  1. They had to reframe the roof and exterior walls from a huge tree that fell on the house.
  2. They had to remove water and mold from the interior of the home and redo the entire interior of the house – tear out and replace the drywall, flooring and paint. Insurance just didn’t pay enough to cover the entire costs.

We represented them with insurance and we’re able to secure an additional $200k+. When you have storm damage, go with a trusted roofing company that will help you manage difficult situations with your insurance company.

Storm Damage

When Insurance Denies All Damage

In May of 2019, a hail storm damaged our customers home. Initially, the insurance company denied all damage.

DB3 Roofing worked with the insurance company and got the entire roof bought and replaced, the chimney paid for, the gutters replaced and his cedar fence stained. Our work added $40k to his claim.

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