The Importance of Keeping Gutters And Drains Clean When Doing Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Tips: Maintaining your roof is an essential part of any home’s upkeep

Depending on the surrounding trees and weather, gutters and drains should be cleaned and inspected at least twice a year, preferably more often. It’s an easy task, and many qualified people will gladly climb ladders. So the big question is: are you keeping your gutters and drains clean? This post provides a few of the most important reasons you should place roof maintenance on the priority list of your home and roof maintenance duties.

Damaged Foundations

The purpose of gutters and drains is to divert rainwater away from the building; otherwise, the water will pool and create a detrimental sogginess around (and under) the foundations of the building. For this very reason, it is also essential that the gutters are installed by a professional tradesperson who knows their stuff and doesn’t just install gutters that merely look good, but rather functional gutters and drains that actually do the work.

If the gutters and drains are not kept clean, and in good repair, you’ll quickly have a situation where they serve no purpose. The roof water dams at the downpipes and overflows the whole length of the gutters, causing damage.

Damaged Roof Trusses (and Walls)

Water that overflows a leaf-filled gutter has two directions to flow: outside and inside. We mentioned what happens when the water overflows to the outside, but when it overflows to the inside, the damage is far quicker and often unnoticed until it is too late.

The exterior roofing materials, tiles, shingles or sheets protect the trusses from potential water damage. However, an overflowing gutter often ejects the water to the inside, under the roof, where it creates a damp environment that can cause serious wood rot. This rotting process will eventually undermine the structural integrity of the roof and even walls.

Nesting Sites

A gutter filled with leaves and twigs is the ideal nesting and feeding site for birds, bugs and rodents. Damp leaves are also perfect for mildew and fungi. All the debris added to the already clogged gutters and drains pose a potential health risk for the family, which can easily be prevented through regular cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Damaged Gutters And Drains

A stitch in time saves nine, and so will small, minor repairs to the gutters ensure a long lifespan. In contrast, gutters weighed down with debris, water and snow will break under strain and require costly repairs. At the other end, while it can still flow, all the debris will go into the drain and probably form a plug there that’s difficult to remove, requiring specialist help for the task.

Insurance Claims

Does homeowners’ insurance cover roof leaks? Accidental damage to the roof and the damage this causes to the rest of the house is usually covered. Still, most policies exclude liability where a lack of proper maintenance is a contributing factor. This means that if the insurance company ascertains that lack of maintenance and cleaning of the gutters and drains indirectly caused the damage, they probably won’t pay out.

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