When should I patch my roof vs reroofing the entire house?

When should I patch my roof vs reroofing the entire house?

Consider, for a second, everything you own with sentimental or monetary value that sits inside your home. All those belongings rely on you to take care of them and ensure they’re in excellent condition. As the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the roof of your house is faultless. The only way to protect your property’s interior is through proper roof inspection by a professional company.

Having one of the best roofing companies in your area assess the roof’s condition will determine if there is any significant damage. Depending on the assessment, you may only require simple repairs. However, if you have an aging roof in a poor state, you may need more extensive work or a complete overhaul. Contractors may first look at the condition of the shingles to see if the granules have been completely eroded. They may also find dents, gaps, and cracks that signal a need for repair. If your roofing contractor advises you to replace the roof, it’s best to heed their advice.

We understand that finances aren’t always readily available to address certain issues with your roof. However, it’s better to attend to little problems instead of waiting for them to become larger and more costly. It’s natural for a homeowner to prefer a patch job over an extensive repair or replacement, but you must always do what’s in the property’s best interests.

If your roof is relatively new but did take a beating from a recent storm that led to the granules eroding or some shingles disappearing, you may only require simple repairs that the roofing contractor can perform. Older roofs that undergo the same punishment won’t have enough on them for a simple repair and should be replaced instead. Bear in mind that asphalt roofs should last around 20 years and if your roof is under ten years old, consider it new.

When there’s a roof leak, it doesn’t automatically translate to requiring a complete replacement. The contractor may find that the leak is due to a specific area of flashing that’s given way, in which case, they can quickly repair the roof. On the other hand, if there are leaks throughout various parts of the roof, you may need to consider installing a new one.

After a roof inspection, you may have to replace the entire roof if the contractor finds multiple issues such as missing shingles, cracks, gaps, and other problems. If there’s a potential that it may affect the structural integrity of the building, it’s better to opt for a replacement. Typically, you may find this type of damage when the roof is between 20 and 30 years old. Having said that, in some cases, if your roof has suffered unprecedented damage during a storm, it may require a replacement.

Living in a neighborhood that requires specific aesthetics may mean you need to follow a certain code. Sometimes asphalt roofs may be out of compliance, while other properties in the area feature cedar roofs. In this case, you will have to replace the entire roof.

Finally, if you’re considering placing your property on the market, it may be a wise idea to replace the entire roof, which will significantly help increase the house’s value. As a result, you can fetch the price you desire for the sale. Showcasing a brand-new roof to a potential buyer will certainly make the deal more attractive and assist you in claiming your price.

You must hire a reputable roofing company that can offer you quality workmanship for all your roof maintenance, inspections, repairs, and replacements. At DB3 Roofing, you can expect first-class work alongside exceptional customer service.

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