When You Need Roof Replacement In a Hurry

Roof Replacement

You know that your business cannot be placed on hold when the roof of your building suffers catastrophic damage; plus, you must protect your stock and equipment from the elements or suffer more damages and losses. At such a time, you need a roof replacement in a hurry and require the services of a commercial roofing company that appreciates the crisis that is affecting your ability to trade.

DB3 Roofing has its head office in Plano, Texas, and provides residential and commercial roofing services in seven states. We work closely with building owners and insurance companies to quickly install a new roof after storm damage and have your business operating as soon as possible without undue delay.

The following aspects are important when you call on us for emergency commercial roof repairs in Texas and surrounding states:

Assessment of the Severity of the Damage

The bottom-line question that we must answer is whether the roof is repairable or whether a complete or partial replacement is in order. Several factors drive the decision:

  • The general state of repair of the roof is a major point. A roof that has not been properly maintained for twenty or more years will be difficult to repair due to general fatigue and the degradation of the materials.
  • We consider the extent of the damage. If the roof’s structural integrity has been compromised, then a general replacement is often advised. However, if it is just localized damage resulting in a leaky roof, then repairs can be effected quickly and sufficiently.
  • The “return on investment” factor and the insurance company’s participation will ultimately decide the route based on the overall cost of each option. Available funds often dictate repair or replacement.

City Code Provisions

The general rule is that replacing a roof requires a building permit from the City Council. If we repair the roof, the extent of the damage might also trigger the requirement of a permit, should the building department deem that there are sufficient reasons. Knowing when a permit is and is not necessary is an important aspect that a commercial roofing company must assist the building owner with to remain compliant.

An old roof may also contain hazardous materials, like asbestos, and any work on the roof may require a full assessment of the health risks involved. If certain materials are present, then repairing the roof may not be an option.

Roof Restoration

Aesthetics of the place of business is an important component of the public image projected by any business. It is often necessary that new commercial roofing systems must blend in with existing styles and materials for a uniform look. A commercial roofing company must appreciate this point when effecting emergency roof repairs in a hurry and not have the corporate headquarters look like a patched cottage. It should also be possible for the roofing contractor to replace the existing roof with a new roof, using current materials, without radically changing the style and aesthetic appeal of the building.

Choose DB3 Roofing for Emergency Commercial Roof Repairs in Texas

We have been doing residential and commercial roofs since 2000, proving that our quality work is the winning solution. We are also fully licensed and certified and always have a qualified supervisor on-site to maintain safety as a priority. We continuously improve our knowledge in the trade as new roofing materials are developed so that we can assist our customers with both old, existing roofs and new, modern trends in environmentally responsible building designs in Texas.

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