Which Roof Matches Your Home Style?

It doesn’t make sense to put a clay tile roof on your traditional Maine home, nor placing asphalt shingles on your Californian hacienda. The roof must match the style of the house. Otherwise, it looks like something was built using the supplies from the local recycling center – but there are also a couple of “hidden” considerations before replacing the roof. So, which roof matches your home style, and why is this important?

Roofing Maintenance and Style Considerations

The best roofing style and materials are often those already decided by the architect. This applies to new and existing houses. It is also essential to consider the roofs in the neighborhood to avoid creating a “sore thumb” impression.

An initial aspect of replacing the roof with different materials that is often overlooked is the capacity of the existing trusses to support the new roof materials. Failing to consider the additional weight carefully and secure fastening points might impact your residential roofing insurance.

It does make sense from a maintenance perspective to look at viable “direct” replacements for the existing roofing material. Wood shingles are beautiful, but their durability and lifespan are considerably shorter than similar-looking shingles made from concrete, metal and even plastic. Your local residential roofing company will provide options for replacement materials and the overall architectural and structural effects.

Choosing the Right Residential Roofing Material

After you have narrowed down the list of possible roofing materials based on the architectural style of your house – which means not considering cedar shakes for the Tuscan villa – there are two critical questions you should ask and discuss with your local roofing contractor. The answers will help shorten the list of potential roofing for your house.

  • What is my budget? The price of the roofing material is often based on its manufacturing cost and availability. However, the price of asphalt shingles is very budget-friendly primarily because of the “economy of scale” principle, as the most common roofing material on the continent. Consider look-alike alternatives, even if your budget can afford the real deal because modern materials often have superior environmental characteristics that can lower your total energy consumption throughout the year.
  • What is my expectation of the roof’s lifespan? This is a realistic question because it has future financial implications – either because you’re still living in the house or its sale value. Residential metal roofing may not be the cheapest, but it is very cost-effective, lasting 40 to 60 years when properly installed. Roof maintenance is an important aspect of home ownership, and choosing a suitable material that requires micro-maintenance throughout the year rather than opting for a biennial roof cleaning and inspection makes sense.

About DB3 Roofing

We have assisted homeowners in Northern Texas and adjacent states with making the right choice for the best-looking weather-proof roof since 2000. We are fully licensed and insured for all the common types of roofing materials and can work on almost any style of residential roof, including mansard, gable and clerestory roofs.

We also assist owners with the process of insurance claims when their roofs are damaged, and we are fully capable of restoring the roof to the “before” condition. This is done by reusing as much of the original roof material and sourcing the same type or suitable replacements.

Make an appointment so we can assist you in choosing the right roof for your home’s style.

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