A Complete Guide to Dealing With Cracked Shingles on Your Roof

A Complete Guide to Dealing With Cracked Shingles on Your Roof

Homeowners can sometimes underestimate a roof’s role in the safety of the occupants. It protects you from the elements, and any wooden parts of the home from sustaining damage. The shingles on the roof are primarily responsible for the shelter, highlighting the urgent need for roof shingles repair when they start to crack.

You must understand that cracks in the shingles will allow rain to seep through, causing roof damage while deteriorating any wooden structures inside. For this reason, you need a professional to inspect the roof and handle the shingle repair. 

Signs to Look Out for That Indicate Shingle Damage

The good news about damaged shingles is that you don’t have to be a professional to see the deterioration. These are typical indications that suggest it’s time to repair your roof’s shingles:

Cracks, Lifting, and Curling

Shingles can curl, lift, or crack due to several reasons. If you have an attic with poor ventilation, it will lead to a build-up of moisture, which can cause the shingles to curl. During the initial shingle installation, the sealing strips from one shingle to another may not line up, causing it to gradually become loose.

If your installer hasn’t nailed down the shingles properly or put a nail through the sealing strip, the nails can come loose, considering the heating and cooling phases they must endure. In this case, shingles tabs will lift and come away from the seal.

Roof Sagging

An obvious sign that there’s an issue with your roof is if it’s sagging. Inadequate materials could be a factor, or the roof may be carrying too much snow and ice. If you spot this sign, it could point to an issue with the shingles as well.

Staining of Attic Walls and Ceilings

Stains inside your attic are a sign of water damage. If there aren’t any leaking pipes in the space, it points to an issue with the roof, likely to be damaged shingles.

Missing Shingles

One of the more apparent signs is missing shingles. You should get a professional to inspect the roof if you find pieces of shingles lying on the ground. There could be several explanations for missing shingles, which include high winds that have affected the roof, incorrect installation, old shingles, and damage from extreme weather. Whatever it is, it’s time to take action and get a pro to handle your shingle repairs.

Steps to Take When You Have Broken Shingles

Now that you understand just how crucial your roof is to your overall experience, you must repair any cracks that appear in the shingles. Filling the cracks with a thick layer of sealant is advisable. Add another coat of the sealant and allow the cracks to dry before applying pressure to the shingles for the adhesive to set.

Bear in mind that it’s far cheaper to maintain and repair your roof than to replace it. When facing a problem with broken shingles, you must decide if you can afford to neglect the repairs in favor of a complete replacement. Sometimes, a roof replacement is your only option if the damage is too far gone.

Hire a Professional

Once you know that you have broken shingles, it’s time to rope in a professional contractor. Our team can assess the damage and provide you with an effective solution. Regardless of the extent of the damage, it’s always best to entrust this type of home maintenance task to qualified roof repairers. DB3 Roofing can handle roof repairs for your residential or commercial building.

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