Keep Rain Away From Your Home By Preventing a Leaky Roof

Keep Rain Away From Your Home By Preventing a Leaky Roof

While spring is a welcomed season in the US as your flowers and the garden get the hydration they need, it often comes with lots of rain that can sometimes be destructive. For this reason, you need to ensure that you don’t have a leaking roof. Sealing off your roof will prevent any moisture from seeping through to damage your home.

The average cost of water damage repairs is approximately $2,400 and can go up quickly to around $4,250. However, you can start preparing for the rainy season by having a professional assess the condition of your roof and make the necessary repairs.

Five Steps You Can Take to Prepare for Rainy Season

While you should leave the roof inspections to the pros, you can follow our recommended steps to keep your home dry during spring.

  1. Clean the Gutters

Homeowners regularly forget to do this before the rain comes and it can cause significant damage. When you consider the fact that you’re coming out of winter with leaves and dirt filling the gutters, the last thing you want is to cause a blockage when it starts raining. You would require climbing equipment and some tools, so if you don’t have them available, it’s best to outsource this task to a qualified contractor.

  • Inspect the roof

It may not be possible for you to do this, especially if you’re uncomfortable with heights. However, you can call in a professional to thoroughly assess the roof’s condition before the rainy season begins. If there is any damage, such as missing flashings, or loose or cracked shingles, it will lead to considerable roof leaks. A roofing company can handle the leaky roof repair and get you ready for the spring.

  • Check the Attic

It’s easy to miss a leak in the attic or crawl space because you hardly spend time there. Make a point of going in before spring to identify any potential leaks. The first thing to check for is light. If you can spot any light coming through from the outside, it’s likely there’s some damage on the roof.

Rope in a roofing contractor to assess the situation. They can help you solve the problem and ensure that rain can’t pass through to the inside of your home. It’s worth noting that the cost of water damage to your property’s interior far outweighs the roof leak repair cost.

  • Look for Stains

Apart from visiting the attic, you may see stains on the interior walls of the property, indicating the presence of moisture. Water may be seeping through the roof and entering the home, causing these stains. Additionally, black stains on the roof indicate the presence of algae. While algae can’t cause damage to the roof, it’s unappealing and unsightly. Of course, you can simply pressure scrub the algae off, but you risk destabilizing the shingles. Rather get a pro to pressure wash the roof before spring arrives.

  • Trim Overarching Tree Branches

It might seem counterintuitive to cut down tree branches before spring, but if they’re hanging above your roof, they can cause damage. Overgrown branches can loosen the shingles if they’re too close and dislodge flashings. Trimming them before spring begins means you can also clearly inspect the condition of the roof when the contractor arrives.

The Best for Roof Leak Repair and More

DB3 Roofing can help you prepare for the rain whether you need us to inspect the condition of the roof, repair it or replace it. There isn’t a roofing task that we can handle for both residential and commercial roofs. Reach out to our team as we head out of winter to get you ready for a beautiful and wet spring.

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