What Should you do if Something Punctures Your Roof?

What should you do if something punctures your roof?

The roof of your property serves as a single line of defense against weather elements and other foreign objects. As such, it should always be in peak condition to withstand the battering it goes through in different seasons, highlighting the need for frequent roof maintenance. Bear in mind that a punctured roof shouldn’t be put off but instead addressed immediately. You should treat it as an emergency; however, these are the things you should do when you suspect there’s a puncture in the roof.

Punctures can occur due to weight and pressure being applied to the roof surface by foreign objects. The smallest hole will allow moisture to seep through and compromise the quality of any protective elements you’ve installed on the inside. Exposing the interior layer of the building can result in larger, costly repairs.

However, you can take some preventative measures to protect your roof and ensure you don’t have to deal with massive repairs. Firstly, try to reduce the amount of foot traffic on the roof. If you are installing certain elements on the outside, advise technicians to keep it to one or two people walking on the roof at any given time. Furthermore, avoid heading over to the roof for recreational purposes. Constant stepping on certain parts of the roof will eventually cause it to develop a puncture.

People generally overlook their scheduled roof inspection, which is crucial for the long term health of the roof. Having the professionals periodically inspect the roof means that they can identify if there are potential issues and address them before they spiral and become major problems. Discovering a pool of water during these routine checks can help prevent a larger problem as opposed to unknowingly leaving things unattended.

Large trees pose a real threat to the health of roofs. For this reason, you should have professionals cut down any overhanging branches or hazardous trees. Neglecting to trim down these trees can lead to branches and tree parts falling off and impacting the roof surface. As a result, it may get a puncture which will require further repairs.

If you have any roofing installations, such as satellite dishes or solar panels, ask the contractors to ensure that they’re adequately secured with no chance of a strong wind lifting certain elements that can pierce the roof’s structure or blow away shingles and flashings.

To ensure that your roof remains intact and serves you well, you must hire a reputable roofing contractor. Several roofing companies claim they can assist you until you find that they don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge about roofing. Only professionals can inspect a roof, conduct the scheduled maintenance, and take on the necessary repairs when you have a puncture.

DB3 Roofing has been servicing seven states since 2000. Our priorities are delivering quality customer service alongside workmanship that you can depend on for the state of your roof. Whether you have a commercial or residential property that you suspect has a puncture, you can reach out to our professional team for assistance.

We guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Furthermore, when you hire us, we will have a dedicated on-site supervisor who will ensure the work is carried out professionally and can answer any questions you may have. We are fully certified and so confident in our abilities that we offer a two-year guarantee on our workmanship. We’re proud of our A+ rating with the Greater Dallas Better Business Bureau and will maintain the high standards that won us that rating with your roofing issues.

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